Executive Officers

Ryan Lester, President, is an avid artist, skier, swimmer, and baseball player. He has a big heart for helping younger children, and volunteers at a local arts center. In this capacity, he works with young children in art classes and helps to instill a passion for the arts. He is responsible for the event programming in the Washington, D.C. Area and fostering relationships with local leaders for expansion to other venues in the east coast.

Brendan Nixon, Vice President is a high school senior in Northern Virginia. Outside of school, he is on a competitive rock climbing team. He also enjoys playing the piano and is learning to play guitar. Brendan works to make a positive impact on his community through volunteer work. He enjoys working alongside students participating in the Homerun Heroes program. He also tutors elementary school students at the local library on weekends and has participated in food collection efforts for local students

Bamidele Odubayo, Secretary is a senior at John F. Kennedy High School in Silver Spring, MD. She is the captain of her varsity volleyball team as well as a martial arts instructor. Bamidele aspire to be a biomedical engineer in the future. She has a passion for learning, a natural spirit of leadership and is dedicated to serving her community.

Ashley Encarnacion, Treasurer is an analyst at Portico Investments and attends Cal State University Fullerton in Fullerton, CA. She is working towards a degree in accounting and in her free time, enjoys reading and going on hikes. She hopes to help young children create and foster a passion in helping others through an emphasis on the importance of education.