Our Global Programs

We look to establish a footprint through long-term engagement (i.e. we will ensure we create lasting projects which can be sustained after we leave). We will concentrate our work in underprivileged communities with relative stable governments where education can be prioritized. The long-term engagement will be accomplished by enlisting the help of local leaders or groups, other charitable organizations with an established presence or other members of the local community that can assist with facilitating long-term programs in the host community.

We choose our host partners methodically. We request projects that could be directed by local leaders, evaluated frequently, and sustained over the long term. We slowly build a reliable process for nurturing partnerships and delivering assistance consistently.

To increase the likelihood for success and long-term sustainability, we will enlist community involvement and co-investment. We will hire local staff that are personally vested in their educational progress of the students and we will empower them to make key programmatic decisions within the project. They are already familiar with the language, conditions, customs and governments and understand the specific needs of the educational system. We will work with the educators and find ways to motivate and incentivize the teachers in order to achieve maximum student performance.