San Jose, CA, USA

Why San Jose?

Meet Menard..Menard went on a trip with One Desk and ever since his experience in the Philippines he has wanted to make a greater impact in the community where he lives. With a business plan in hand, he presented the One Desk Board of Directors an idea he had to change the world. He wanted to utilize popular food trucks in the area and feed as many homeless people as he could on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). His plan was to start a revolution in the Food Truck culture and show them how easy it was to give back to the community. He found some friends and contacted some food trucks and was able to maximize everyone’s resources and capture his experience on video.

Though this is somewhat out of context with the mission of One Desk, the Board agreed to this “random” side project because it exemplifies one of the underlying missions of One Desk – to cultivate and inspire community service among people. Menard went on a volunteer vacation with One Desk, and now he is reaching out and doing things within his community. We at One Desk are firm believers of inspiring the desire to bring change within the community.