Regional Program Officers

Makena, is a freshman at Don Lugo High School in Chino, CA. She is class president at her high school and is on the basketball team. She has been playing basketball for five years and is passionate about working to better her community. She is driven, excited to help her peers, and hopeful towards making this world a better place. Makena has participated in multiple Home Run Hero events, the event with Japan/Hands on Tokyo, and is currently helping with the upcoming Honduras trip as well. Her most memorable project was in Japan as she renovated orphanages for and created special bonds with the children there, “I’m so blessed to have had the amazing opportunity to teach them some American traditions and break the language barrier with music through piano” she said.

Cassie, is a student at Maryvale Elementary School in Rockville, MD. She is a shortstop on the DC Riptide Softball team and loves to draw, skateboard and watch Netflix. She has a big heart and has one goal in life – to help others in need.

Elijah,  is a student at Chino Hills High School in the graduating class of 2021. His interests include photography, videography, and music.  His family is from Honduras, which prompted his interest in the 2020 Roatan trip, and he is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the junior board.  He enjoys helping others and currently volunteers as a high school tutor and for an organization centered around support for foster children.  In the future, Elijah hopes that he can aid other young people in having equal exposure to opportunities he currently has.

Emma,  is a freshman at Chino Hills High School and plays softball for her travel ball team, the Firecrackers. In her free time, Emma enjoys baking, going to the beach, and spending time with her family. She has participated in the Home Run Heroes Food Drive which further showed her the impact that giving back to the community can do. She radiates positivity to her peers and hopes to help her community by serving others.