Roatán, Honduras

Why Honduras?


DATE: JULY 5 – 12

Welcome to the Roatán Flowers Bay Project.

This initiative begun after a group of Flowers Bay, Roatán native brothers took a trip back home from SoCal with their families.

After seeing the conditions of living and lack of opportunity for play and alternative education methods. What stood out to us the most, was the conditions of the only play space in Flowers Bay. The entire family decided to begin a community based project to create facilities for the people of Flowers Bay to play, learn, and connect.

We want to ensure that all children have a safe space to explore and expand their minds. Whether it be through play, mentorship, or learning.

Our current plan is to build a soccer field, playground, and community resource center in the heart of Flowers Bay!

In addition to the build, we will also have an opportunity to explore the Island & celebrate with the community during our cook out and 2nd annual basketball tournament!

Sign up now to join us on our first group trip in July of 2020.

Our trip will include airport pickup and transportation to our shared living space, fresh cooked island style meals, time to explore the island, and learn about the culture all while supporting the physical development of the first structures we set up at our community center. We are asking that all volunteers pay $1500 to cover this for the duration of the trip. Airfare is not included in this price. So please plan accordingly.

We are also accepting donations to reach or exceed our goal of $50,000. If you would like to contribute to our mission by means of monetary donations, please do so here or contact us directly.

We appreciate your willingness to support this mission and would like to share our gratitude to all involved.

With love,

The Bennett – Brooks Family